Canada's Association of IT Professionals Job Posting

Pricing, How to Post, Key Information, and FAQs.

Canada's Association Of It Professionals

Canada's Association of IT Professionals (CIPS) is a group for employees working in the IT sector across Canada. The association has a job board on its website that lists IT jobs in cities across Canada so IT workers can discover new opportunities.

How to Post a Job on Canada's Association of IT Professionals:

  1. Go to and click "Post a Job."
  2. You will see a list of required information. Write down this information and send it in an email to
  3. Purchase a job posting credit through the site.
  4. Your posting will be published within 24 hours of your payment being received.

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Key Information:


Calvin Gotleib




Mississauga, Ontario

Phone Number

1 (905) 602-1370


1375 Southdown Road, Unit 16, Suite 802, Mississauga, Ontario, L5J 2Z1



How can I edit a CIPS job posting?

To make changes to any Canada's Association of IT Professionals job postings, email requesting edits. You cannot manage Canada's Association of IT Professionals job postings on your own since the site is controlled by an administrator.

How can I delete a CIPS job posting?

You cannot delete a posting on your own, but you can contact and have the posting removed by the site manager.

How do I create a CIPS account?

CIPS does not have online accounts for employers. Instead, you need to contact the organization in order to start posting jobs.

What are some CIPS alternatives?