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Over The Road does not make pricing for their job posting services readily available on the website, however, they do state that they offer a one-price policy along with complimentary ad design services. To find out more, contact a representative.


Over The Road is a Canadian trucking magazine and website started in 1994. They issue a monthly print and digital magazine as well as host a job board for truckers and trucking-related jobs. They offer tailored job posting solutions to logistics and trucking businesses by providing oversight throughout the entire job posting process.


  • They offer job postings in both print and digital format.
  • Over The Road has exclusive placement rights for certain truck stops in Canada.
  • Clients don't have to sign any contracts to post jobs to the Over The Road job board.
  • Company profiles can be listed on the website for job seekers to see.
  • Every aspect of the recruitment process is handled by an agent.
  • The company is 100% Canadian-owned and managed.


  • Pricing for job postings are not readily available on their site.
  • You can't design or post an advert by yourself.
  • They have few job postings on their online job board.
  • They run a similar website called Truckdriver.com.


We could not find any online reviews for Over The Road.

How to Post a Job on Over The Road:

Send Over The Road an email to otr@otrgroup.ca with your job posting details. A consultant will provide you with pricing options as well as a job advert sample.

Over The Road vs. THRC:

Canada's Trucking Human Resource Sector Council (THRSC) is a nonprofit organization that supports the local trucking industry, and hosts a free job board. While Over The Road caters to the entire country, the THRSC primarily targets the industry on the Atlantic coast, making it a somewhat limiting, albeit more affordable option.

Over The Road vs. Job Bank:

Job Bank is a free job posting site run by the Canadian government. Over The Road offers a more targeted approach to advertising jobs in the trucking and logistics professions. Job Bank is a popular job posting site amongst Canadians, however, it is also a general job board that covers all types of employment opportunities in Canada.

Over The Road vs. MeetATruckDriver.com:

MeetATruckDriver.com is a U.S. trucking job board that offers free and subscription plans for job postings to its website. Over The Road is primarily caters to truckers and routes in Canada, meaning they have a more targeted focus than MeetATruckDriver.com and may be a better option for Canadian employers.

Key Information

Legal Name

The OTR Group


Peter Charboneau

Founding Date

Apr. 01, 1990


18 Parkglen Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 3G9








What is Over The Road?

Over The Road is a Canadian digital and hard copy publication that focuses on the trucking industry. They provide advertising opportunities for trucking companies looking to hire new staff through their printed trucking magazine and website.

What does it cost to post a job on Over The Road?

Pricing information is not readily available on the Over The Road website. Contact Over The Road via email to find out what they charge for their job posting services.

How do I create an account on Over The Road?

Contact a sales consultant to find out how to create an account with Over the Road.

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