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Business Name Generator

June 10th, 2020

Business Name Generator (BNG) is AI-powered software that produces thousands of name suggestions for businesses, products, domains, and more. BNG also provides a list of available domain names that clients can purchase at a discounted rate.


BNG is a great option for individuals and businesses looking to obtain a large pool of name ideas with minimal effort. The platform is multilingual, making it suitable for a wide variety of users. Despite the paucity of customer reviews, the product speaks for itself: in fact, we've named it one of the best business name generators.


  • User-friendly.
  • Completely free.
  • Available in six languages: English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian and Portuguese dialects), and Spanish.
  • Offers various types of standard and industry-specific name generators. These produce suggestions for businesses, products, podcasts, blogs, usernames, and more.
  • Generates thousands of name ideas within seconds based on the keywords provided.
  • Offers tips for selecting a suitable business name.
  • Provides a list of available domain names for each suggestion yielded. This includes top-level domains (TLDs).
  • Allows users to purchase their chosen domain names at a 70 percent discount.


  • There are a few grammatical errors on the English version of the website, which make it seem slightly less polished.
  • Name suggestions are produced in a new window (to which users are automatically directed).


We were unable to find any reviews of BNG. This could be because it is a fairly new solution. However, it is also possible that the generic nature of its name obscured mentions thereof. Given that BNG is a multilingual solution, users may have even reviewed it in a language other than English, which we would have missed.

All things considered, it seems too early to form a definitive stance on BNG's reputation.

At a Glance:



Supports Multiple Languages


Shows Available Domains


Additional Resources

Yes – tips for evaluating name suggestions


Like most business name generators, BNG is completely free.

Comparisons to Leading Software:

We compared BNG to top-ranking solutions NameSnack and Wix's business name generator to identify the best options for businesses.

BNG vs. NameSnack
BNG vs. NameSnack:

Both are free, AI-powered solutions that offer ideas based on user input. NameSnack accounts for provided and suggested keywords, business descriptions, and the type(s) of businesses/products being named, while BNG considers users' keywords and industry selections. NameSnack also offers the option to have ideas emailed to users, which BNG does not.

BNG vs. Wix
BNG vs. Wix:

BNG and Wix's business name generator are free. BNG can produce lists of suggestions in one of six languages, which Wix cannot. BNG also offers the ability to filter results by industry type, keyword placement, character count, and the preferred number of words, whereas Wix doesn't offer a filter.

Read our detailed review of how BNG stacks up to leading competitors NameSnack and Wix.

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Business Name Generator is completely free.