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37 Reviews From Real Betterteam Users

Betterteam Reviews Capterra 5/5 37 Reviews
Read 37 reviews from real Betterteam users. Including all the pros and cons and how Betterteam worked to solve their hiring challenges.

Last updated November 7th, 2017

Betterteam is an applicant tracking system built specifically for small and medium businesses. It helps you write your job posts, distribute them to 100+ job boards, and then screen the candidates that apply. It works perfectly on mobile and tablet so you can do all your hiring on the go.

Betterteam Reviews:

Betterteam Reviews Capterra 5/5 37 Reviews
Company Name Rating Review
Delta Wye 5 Stars Tried free trial. Was easy to use/post and very helpful agents. Would consider for future positions.
Coalition for Life St. Louis 5 Stars Really great experience - Position filled.
Bearly Marketing 5 Stars Very easy to use and a LOT of applicants. Far more then any other service I have tried.
EYEcenter Optometric 5 Stars Easy to use, ad posted quickly
McKinzie Chiropractic & Nutrition 5 Stars This service was great! My job post was up much quicker than promised. I got over 200 applications
Doehling Law 5 Stars Flawless
StyleSeat 4 Stars Good turnaround on applicants, we had 4 good ones out of 15 submitted in about 5 days.
Capital Asset Management 5 Stars I was very pleased with the technology, the service and the end result.
Sequoia Resort 5 Stars Betterteam was easy to use and had very helpful customer service.
High Hopes Head Injury Program 5 Stars Great. Was able to find lots of candidates
The Alias Group 5 Stars Very responsive customer service. Ease of use key to continuing our use of Betterteam.
Dental Care of Waterford 5 Stars Was excited got the most leads from your site.
Sales Solve Everything 5 Stars I needed to fulfill a position quickly and signed up and received great resumes fast!
Brown Capital 5 Stars The program was easy to maneuver through.
Allen Law Firm 5 Stars This site is FANTASTIC!
Microplant Nurseries 5 Stars Amazing service, helped us fill two vacancies in a very short period of time.
DCMP 5 Stars Great and Cost effective Ad Placing
Red Hot Logistic 4 Stars Friendly staff, quality line of candidates and resumes.
Sharpe Professional Roofing 5 Stars Grateful for your help!
Mr Sparky Electrical Services 5 Stars Betterteam delivered and beat out our usual job board
TAMZ 5 Stars Fantastic service, I was instantly flooded with resumes.
ABC Heating & Air Conditioning 4 Stars Helpful and very gracious !!!
Apollo Engineering Design Group 5 Stars Great Service at a Great Price
Sunshine Kiddies 5 Stars Great support with business
Volstrukt 5 Stars Great experience and good customer service
ZGL 5 Stars Quick Turnaround
MetLife Insurance Agency 5 Stars I had over 90 applicants in 4 days
Shaadee Matrimonial Services 5 Stars It's worth it
Donald Thiel DMD,PA 5 Stars Hiring Gem
The League for People With Disabilities 4 Stars In three days I received over 130 responses to my ad
EB5 Diligence 5 Stars None Better
MAAC Machinery 5 Stars Worth a Try
National SIU 5 Stars Great response
RSG Forest Products 5 Stars Definitely worth it, great value, and customer support
SRK Systems 5 Stars Easy to find Resource Best Job portal
Wild Poppy 5 Stars One-stop recruiting solution