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Backpacker Job Board

The Backpacker Job Board specializes in casual, seasonal, and full-time jobs for backpackers and travelers in Australia. The site covers a broad spectrum of jobs, from fruit picking and bartending to au-pair and office work.

How to Post a Job on the Backpacker Job Board:

  1. Log into your employer's account and click "Post a Job" on your dashboard.
  2. Fill in your job details and description.
  3. Select "Basic Listing" or "Featured Listing."
  4. Click Submit.

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Backpacker Job Board Key Information Table:


Matthew Heyes




Melbourne, Australia


Matthew Heyes

Number of Employees


Phone Number

Message only


Not listed


Backpacker Job Board Pricing:

Plan Name

Pricing Option

Basic Listing


Feature Ad


Premium Feature Ad


Premium Category Ad

A$25.00 + base fee

5 Premium Ads


10 Premium Ads


20 Premium Ads


Backpacker Job Board:

How can I edit a job posting on the Backpacker Job Board?

Log into your Backpacker Job Board account and click "Manage Ads" on the dashboard. Select the job you would like to edit and update your posting.

How can I delete a job posting on the Backpacker Job Board?

Click "Manage Ads" on the dashboard and select the job posting you would like to remove. Click the Delete icon next to the posting.

How can I create an account on the Backpacker Job Board?

On the homepage, click Register in the top right corner then click "I'm an Employer." Fill in the online registration form and click "Register."