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Job Kiwi



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60 days.

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Resume database

Social media sharing

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Job Kiwi is an efficient job board that offers employers seamless registration and easy access to a comprehensive resume database. Formed in 2015, Job Kiwi is a relatively new job posting site that has since expanded to 28 countries. With Job Kiwi, employers enjoy free access to standard tools, such as social media sharing and company profiles.

Compared to top competitor SEEK, Job Kiwi offers poor local reach and its resume database is predominantly geared towards U.S.-based employers. That said, unlike SEEK, Job Kiwi does offer free job posting services.


  • The platform is mobile-friendly and perfect for employers that are on the go.
  • Job Kiwi offers an Australian site that is geared toward local employers.
  • Employers can contact candidates directly and respond to questions from any device.
  • Job Kiwi will automatically send employers candidate suggestions according to their job's requirements.
  • The job board includes a company profile and social media sharing options.
  • Employers are notified via email whenever a candidate applies for a job.
  • All job ads are posted on the site for 60 days.
  • Job Kiwi offers free access to an extensive resume database.


  • While the starting price for resumes is US$5.00, this price can increase depending on the candidate's experience and position.
  • Job Kiwi is missing comprehensive applicant tracking solutions and integrations.
  • Unlike its top competitors, Job Kiwi receives less than 50,000 monthly views.
  • Comparatively, the site does not offer great visibility in Australia.
  • Job Kiwi's resume database pricing is not available in Australian dollars.


We were unable to find online customer reviews of Job Kiwi.


It's free to post a job ad on Job Kiwi's job board. Searching the resume database is also free, but if employers are interested in contacting a prospective candidate, they'll be charged US$5.00 or more for contact information.

How to Post a Job Ad on Job Kiwi:

$0.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job Ad on Job Kiwi:

Four easy steps on how to post a job ad on Job Kiwi.


Posting a Job on Job Kiwi.

Navigate to Job Kiwi's home page.

Go to Job Kiwi's home page and click on "EMPLOYER AREA" in the main menu. On the employers' webpage, click on "POST A FREE JOB."


Register an employers account.

Register an employers account.

Before entering the employer dashboard, you must create an employer's account. Once you've completed the registration form, click on "REGISTER." You will then have the option of completing a company profile or proceeding to the main employer dashboard.

Complete your company profile and click on "NEXT Job Details."


Complete the job ad form.

Complete the job ad form.

Once you're logged into your employer's dashboard, complete the series of online forms with details about your vacancy and click on "NEXT" after each step.


Post your job ad.

Post your job ad.

When you've completed the job ad form, click on "FINISH" to post your ad.

Job Kiwi vs. SEEK:

SEEK is a prominent job board that has a solid footing in Australia, with its site receiving over 20 million monthly views. In comparison, Job Kiwi receives less than 50,000 monthly views and its services are more popular within the U.S. However, unlike SEEK, Job Kiwi's services are free, making it ideal for employers on a budget.

Job Kiwi vs. Jora:

Job Kiwi and Jora are both free job posting sites that have a dedicated Australian presence. However, Jora limits its postings to 10 job advertisements per month, while Job Kiwi offers unlimited job postings. Additionally, Job Kiwi provides access to a comprehensive resume database, a key feature missing from Jora's offerings.

Job Kiwi vs. jobactive:

Similar to Job Kiwi, jobactive offers free job postings. However, while Job Kiwi is a U.S.-based site that receives less than 50,000 monthly views, jobactive is a popular job board created by the Australian government. Employers looking for robust features will enjoy Job Kiwi's offerings, which include a resume database and social media sharing.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

May 01, 2015

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What is Job Kiwi?

Job Kiwi is a 100% free job posting site that offers free registration, a company profile, social media sharing, and free access to a comprehensive resume database.

How much does Job Kiwi cost?

Job Kiwi does not charge employers to post jobs on its website. Access to the resume database is also free but employers will be charged if they want to view a candidate's contact information.

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