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Gigster does not charge for posting jobs on their site. However, they do charge customers for using their site to start and manage projects.


Gigster provides an intuitive online community where employers can advertise "gigs," and work with vetted and qualified software developers. Gigster essentially takes on the role of middle man by sourcing professionals and providing employers with a product manager to handle most of the work.

Unlike most local competitors, Gigster also offers great product management tools that allow employers to stay in touch remotely. However, this platform may not suit Australian employers who want to be more involved in the hiring process.


  • Gigster is perfect for employers who are looking to target a niche market in the tech industry.
  • Tech projects advertised on Gigster range between full-time and part-time.
  • Gigster is remote-based, making it easier for employers to connect with tech professionals across the world.
  • All registered professionals are put through a strenuous vetting process, reassuring employers that they'll have access to a pool of qualified developers.
  • Gigster provides users with status reports and project milestones.


  • The jobs advertised are restricted to developers, product managers, and designers.
  • The website provides only limited information on the hiring process.
  • Gigster is primarily seen as a networking site and software development agency.
  • The website does not offer language translation features.
  • Most of Gigster's registered designers are part-time, which may impact turnaround times.
  • The company does not have an office in Australia and customer support hours are not mentioned on the website.
  • Gigster sources candidates on behalf of the employer, which may not suit employers who wish to be more involved in the hiring process.
  • No pricing is available on the website as costs will depend on the type of project you're advertising.
  • Employers mainly communicate through a product manager.


Gigster is not BBB-accredited and there are a limited number of user reviews available online. However, we did find a comprehensive review of Gigster on Lance Review, which highlighted Gigster's pros, such as access to a community of trained professionals, an intuitive interface and process, and great service.

Having said that, users should be aware of the fact that Gigster takes a hands-on approach and all its professionals are part-time as well. This may impact how your project is managed and slow down the turnaround time.

How to Post a Job on Gigster:

$0.00 AUD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Gigster:

Follow these three easy steps to post a gig on Gigster.


Posting a job on Gigster


Sign in to your Gigster account.

Sign in to your Gigster account.

Navigate to the Gigster home page and click on "Contact Us" to create an account.


Fill in your details.

Fill in your details.

Complete the fields and select "Submit" to create an account.


Click "Post a gig."

Click "Post a gig."

When you have signed in, click on "Post a Gig" and complete the job description form. Click "Submit" when you are ready to post your job.

Gigster vs. ArtsHub:

ArtsHub is an Australian platform that posts jobs, news, and events in the creative industry. Gigster, on the other hand, is an online-based platform that allows employers to post gigs, build teams, and manage projects. However, while ArtsHub offers a standard job board, Gigster sources and vets professionals on behalf of the employer.

Gigster vs. The Creative Store:

The Creative Store provides access to a vast network of professionals based in Australia. Here, employers can browse profiles and post jobs in various categories. Gigster also targets the creative industry but its main focus includes sourcing developers and designers. Gigster is also based in the U.S. and its target market is mostly remote-based.

Gigster vs. The Dots:

The Dots offers an intuitive platform where users can post full-time or freelance jobs, collaborations, and remote-based projects. As an added benefit, all The Dots' users can post internships and freelance, part-time, and remote jobs for free. Gigster, on the other hand, manages most of the hiring process by hand-selecting professionals to complete employer's projects.

Key Information

Legal Name

Gigster Inc.


Roger Dickey

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2013


301 Howard St #2100, San Francisco, CA 94105




0011 1 (833) 444-7837




How do I create a Gigster account?

You cannot create an account where you can manage Gigster job postings, because all the postings are managed by Gigster's staff.

How can I edit a Gigster job posting?

To edit your Gigster job postings, contact your Gigster team member and request changes.

How can I delete a Gigster job posting?

Postings can be deleted by sending a request to your Gigster representative.

How can I find good employees on Gigster?

Read through our detailed guide on finding employees. It includes information on writing job posts that sell, and more.

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