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CloudPeeps, a U.S.-based freelance marketplace launched by an Australian entrepreneur in 2014, is a user-friendly platform with over 20,000 customers and a talent pool of freelancers from across the globe. Australian employers can use the platform to recruit local and international creative freelancers.

It is free to post jobs and message freelancers, although there is a paid option for featured listings. Employers can set their own budgets and rates with their chosen professionals, but are charged a processing fee on top of those rates.


  • Job posts are free.
  • Messaging peeps to invite proposals is free.
  • Clients can set a time zone preference in job posts, which is great for Australian employers looking for local talent.
  • The platform has a helpful live chat function.
  • CloudPeeps facilitates payments between clients and peeps.
  • The site offers a simple job posting process.
  • Freelancer profiles are very detailed and easy to navigate.


  • The site has a limited local talent pool.
  • The platform does not list pricing in Australian dollars or any other currency aside from U.S. dollars.
  • CloudPeeps does not help to solve conflicts between clients and peeps.
  • Client subscriptions renew automatically unless personally canceled.
  • Candidate matching costs extra.
  • To work with a freelancer off the platform, you'll have to pay an opt-out fee of US$1,500.00.


CloudPeeps has a positive reputation online among freelancers. One review on Reddit says it is better than Upwork if you're a freelancer.

Employers seem to like the platform, with one reviewer on workfromhomehappiness.com noting that it has better freelancers than most.

How to Post a Job on CloudPeeps:

$150.00 USD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on CloudPeeps:

Three easy steps for posting a job on CloudPeeps.


Posting a Job on CloudPeeps.


Create an account with CloudPeeps.

Create an account with CloudPeeps.

Navigate to the CloudPeeps' website and click on "Sign Up" in the top-right corner. Alternatively, if you're already a member, you can click on "Log in."


Create a job post.

Create a job post.

Once you've logged into your account, click on "Post a Job" from your personal dashboard. Complete the online job description form with details about the position, including compensation, location, and responsibilities, among others.

You can opt for the site's concierge service or upgrade your job post by ticking the applicable boxes toward the bottom of the job posting form.


Preview your ad and publish it.

Preview your ad and publish it.

Before finalizing your ad, make sure that you preview it. This should help you identify any misinformation or grammatical errors. When you're happy with your ad, click on "Submit for approval."

If you selected the concierge service or job post upgrade, you'll be contacted by a representative to complete your purchase.

CloudPeeps vs. 99designs:

99designs and CloudPeeps are similar in that they are both freelance creative marketplaces that let freelancers advertise their services and offer service packages. While CloudPeeps offers free job posts, 99designs features designs contests at set prices. Both charge transaction fees, although 99designs' fees are more affordable.

CloudPeeps vs. OzLance:

Like CloudPeeps, OzLance is a platform for connecting employers with freelancers, although the platform is not limited to the creative industry. OzLance caters to the freelance market in New Zealand and Australia only, which is somewhat restrictive, particularly for employers looking to build an international workforce.

CloudPeeps vs. The Loop:

Unlike CloudPeeps, The Loop charges employers a fee to post jobs. While CloudPeeps is aimed at a global audience, The Loop caters specifically to the creative market in Australia. While Australian employers can find freelancers on both platforms, The Loop offers access to a comparatively larger pool of local candidates.

Key Information

Legal Name

CloudPeeps Inc.


Kate Kendall

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2015


156 2nd St., San Francisco, California 94105 USA






What is CloudPeeps?

CloudPeeps is a freelance marketplace and an online community that connects employers with local and remote freelancers and professional service providers on one platform. CloudPeeps' talent specializes in content creation, design, marketing, and public relations.

How can I create a CloudPeeps account?

  1. On the CloudPeeps home page, click on "Sign up" in the top-right corner.
  2. Select "Client" and fill out the online form.
  3. Click on "Sign up" to create an employer account.

How can I edit a CloudPeeps job posting?

You can manage your CloudPeeps job postings from your dashboard. Select "Jobs" and click on the job you would like to edit. After you have made your changes, click on "Save."

How can I delete a CloudPeeps job posting?

Select "Jobs" and click on the listing you would like to delete. Select the "Delete" icon next to the post.

How do I find the best freelancers on CloudPeeps?

There are a number of ways to connect with "Peeps" to work with, like job requests or messaging via Peep search. If you need more help getting started, email the company for more tips on how to connect with candidates on CloudPeeps.

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