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October 14th, 2020

ApprenticeshipCentral is a job site where employers across Australia can connect with apprentices. The website lists jobs that are training opportunities and apprenticeship opportunities for skilled workers.

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ApprenticeshipCentral does not list any prices on their website.

How to Post a Job on ApprenticeshipCentral:

  1. Click "I'm an Employer."
  2. Select the type of worker that you want to recruit.
  3. Login or register.
  4. Enter all the job details.
  5. Preview your posting.
  6. Confirm and save.

Key Information:


Martin Punch

Phone Number

61 (13) 13 28 79


PO Box 303, Southport, Qld 4215



How do I create an ApprenticeshipCentral account?

To create an account where you can manage Apprenticeship Central job postings, select Register > I'm an Employer.

Learn how to post a job on ApprenticeshipCentral

Is ApprenticeshipCentral available internationally?

No, ApprenticeshipCentral is only available in Australia.

Read through ApprenticeshipCentral key information.

How can I edit an ApprenticeshipCentral job posting?

To edit one of your ApprenticeshipCentral job postings, log into your employer account and open the posting. Make the necessary changes, and then click "Save."

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How can I delete an ApprenticeshipCentral job posting?

Postings can be deleted through your account. If you locate the posting in your list of jobs, you'll notice a button that says "delete" beside it.

How much will an apprenticeship cost me?

The apprenticeship costs will differ for various industries and training organisations. In addition, State Government may subsidize the training costs and the Australian Government offers different financial incentives.

How do I choose the best qualification for my business?

ApprenticeshipCentral lists over 600 qualifications to choose from. To help you decide what apprentice is right for you, contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider.

What are some ApprenticeshipCentral alternatives?