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Accounting.com does not disclose pricing on their website. Interested individuals can contact the company for a quote.


Accounting.com is an accounting portal that features a wide array of career and industry-related resources, including detailed information about accounting career paths, degrees, certifications, and guides on accounting fundamentals. The platform features a job board that aggregates listings but does not give employers the option to post jobs on the page directly.


  • Wide array of resources related to accounting career paths, degrees, and certifications, as well as guides on accounting fundamentals.
  • The platform allows for display advertising and sponsored content.


  • The job board aggregates job openings and does not give employers the option to post listings directly.
  • No recruitment resources for employers.


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How to Post a Job on Accounting.com:

The Accounting.com job board functions as a job aggregator and does not have a job posting feature.

Accounting.com vs. iHireAccounting.com:

iHireAccounting.com and Accounting.com's job board both aggregate jobs from other sites. While iHireAccounting does not provide near as many career development resources as Accounting.com, it does allow employers to post jobs on their site and offers a range of features and products to help employers recruit suitable candidates.

Accounting.com vs. AccountingJobsToday.com:

AccountingJobsToday.com offers a similar range of accounting-related career information as featured on Accounting.com, although it's not quite as detailed. However, unlike Accounting.com, AccountingJobsToday.com offers employers a wide range of options when it comes to posting listings and is the better choice for recruitment needs.

Accounting.com vs. AccountingCrossing:

AccountingCrossing is a job aggregation service that features far more opportunities than the Accounting.com job board. Unlike Accounting.com, AccountingCrossing allows employers to post listings on the job board and offers additional value by syndicating posts to more than five hundred sites and featuring listings in job alert emails.

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CollegeDegrees.com, LLC


130 Church Street, Mailbox 227, New York, NY 10007






What is Accounting.com?

Accounting.com is an accounting resource portal that features a job board. The site is directed at job seekers and individuals interested in pursuing a career in accounting.

What does it cost to post a job on Accounting.com?

The Accounting.com job board aggregates jobs from other sites and does not feature direct posting options. The platform does, however, allow for sponsored content and display advertising. Pricing is not disclosed on the website. Contact Accounting.com to request a quote.

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